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Connected Car

CAM analyses automotive engineering innovations of the global OEM in the areas of connected car and autonomous driving. In addition, the OEM's mobility services are recorded, inventoried and analysed. The aim is an objective analysis of the connected car trends and business models of established and new actors.
The Connected Car Innovation Index (CCI) is an annual industry barometer that empirically measures and objectively compares the performance and innovation strength of automobile manufacturers and countries in the area of ​​connected cars based on various indicators. In cooperation with carIT-magazine and Cisco Systems, CAM annually compiles the connected car Innovation Study, which compares the performance and innovation strength of the 19 global automotive manufacturers and the most important automotive manufacturers. The results are based on a weighted relational index, which analysed a total of 775 connected car innovations and 103 relevant services in 2015 and included the current global market strength of the OEMs. Overall, it is clear that connected car innovations are becoming increasingly important for global automotive manufacturers. On this basis, carIT and the CAM annually award the Connected Car Innovation Award, in which particularly remarkable innovations in the field of Connected Car are distinguished. In addition, the CAM supports various players in the field of connected cars and autonomous driving, among other things. PwC and Strategy&.
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Connected Car