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CAM regularly examines the sales developments in the area of ​​"Electromobilität" and the trends in important automotive lead markets as well as the innovations of the automobile manufacturers. We analyze the sales trends and framework conditions in relevant countries as well as the vehicle innovations of more than 30 automotive groups since 2005.

AutomotiveINNOVATIONS - The innovation portal of global automobile


The web portal offers access to technical vehicle innovations of global

automobile manufacturers.

The innovation database contains more than 6,000 automotive

engineering innovations of recent years and is continually updated.

The web access provides basic information. In addition, CAM also offers tailor-made analysis

of the technological level of the 18 global vehicle manufacturers with 53 brands.

Recent studies and analyses in the field of electromobility in the AutomotiveINNOVATIONS-series: “Elektromobilität: Innovationskraft und Absatztrends im Vergleich der globalen Automobilhersteller 2011-2016” “Elektromobilität im internationalen Vergleich -Absatz von Elektrofahrzeugen in den Monaten Januar bis August 2016” “Elektromobilität im internationalen Vergleich. Halbjahresbilanz 2016” “CAM-Technologieroadmap E-Mobility” “AutomotiveINNOVATIONS-Studie 2016 - Innovationsstärke von Serien-Elektrofahrzeugen” Szenarioanalyse von Antriebstechnologien: Marktentwicklung von Elektrofahrzeugen für das Jahr 2030 in Deutschland”
Altogether, more than 10,000 innovations are currently being inventoried in the CAM Innovationdatabase. Each individual innovation is systematically evaluated and weighted according to the M.O.B.IL approach (maturity, originality, customer benefit, innovation level). The sum of the weighted innovations is used to calculate the innovative strength of an automobile manufacturer.