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Center of Automotive Management


The Center of Automotive Management (CAM) is an independent institute for empirical automotive

and mobility research and strategic consulting at the University of Applied Sciences (FHDW) in

Bergisch Gladbach. The institute supports its customers on the basis of extensive automotive

databases, in particular on the subject of automotive engineering innovations in the global

automotive industry as well as in market and financial performance of car manufacturers and

automotive suppliers.

Shortly after its foundation in 2004 CAM established two separate approaches to analyse and

determine the competitiveness of the global automotive industry. The first approach was the

establishment of an innovation database. Since 2005 CAM systematically gathered more than

6.000 product and technological innovations of 32 global car manufacturers and their 76 brands

(data of Chinese car manufacturers was retroactively included since 2010).

Sources of information are, amongst others, journals, press releases and on-site surveys on international automobile exhibitions. CAM only accepts identified technological improvements as „innovation“ if they meet three conditions: Innovations must have a perceptible benefit for customers (compared to the status quo), they must be appropriately presented, so that a broad public could take notice of it and they must be available as products, at least as prototypes. If the innovation matches these criteria it is then systematically categorized in seven main technology fields and currently more than 700 innovation types. Finally each innovation is then individually assessed using four different criteria which are its innovation level, originality, maturity level and customer benefit. Director of the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) is Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel , who also founded the Institute.

Professor Dr. rer. pol. Stefan Bratzel

Together with our annual patent analysis of the automotive industry this approach allows us to determine the innovation landscape of the industry and to forecast its technological development on a mid- and long-term range perspective. As the database also provides insights in the innovation performance and priorities of each manufacturer it can also be used as a tool for competitive analyses and is therefore licensed by a couple of notable OEMs. Furthermore CAM focuses on the market and financial performance of the industry competitors. CAM has established a performance database which contains sales, financial and other performance figures of each car manufacturer since back in 2002 and is updated quarterly. The financial figures are derived from official financial statements and include performance indicators like R&D expenditures, EBIT and operative cash flow. The market figures contain information about global and regional performance (e.g. Europe, NAFTA, BRICs) and are gathered from official statements and reports from manufactures, governmental bodies and advocacy groups. Since 2013 CAM also addresses sustainability issues (with a strong emphasis on environmental aspects). To analyse the automotive industry competitor’s performance with regard to such issues CAM established an environmental database which includes more than 1.000 environmental key performance indicators and strategic targets from more than 13 different car manufacturers. Those approaches are used as an empirical foundation for in-depth studies and projects for manufacturers, suppliers as well as governmental and non-governmental organisations. The results of both approaches are also used to provide an annual study about the performance of the industry’s competitors by aligning the innovation, market and financial success of each competitor, resulting in a ranking of the competitors by applying our ‘Automotive Performance Index’ (API) scheme. This approach allows us not only to identify the high, medium and low performers of the competition, but also to provide reliable empirical evidence for the results and statements.


Born on March, 3rd 1967 in Münzesheim / Baden

Studies in Political Science at the Free University of Berlin

Researcher at the Institute for Environmental Policy at the Free University of Berlin

Promotion for "Dr. rer. Pol." (Prof. Dr. Martin Jaenicke)

Price of the Foundation of the German cities, municipalities and counties for the dissertation

"conditions for success of environmentally oriented transport policy"


Smart: Product Manager, Marketing, Product Marketing

Quam : Program Manager, Product Line Automotive

PTV : Head of Business Automotive

FHDW ( since April 2004): Lecturer and Course Director for Automotive Management

at the private University of Applied Sciences (FHDW) in Bergisch Gladbach

Center of Automotive Management (since April 2004): Founder and Director of CAM


Phone: +49 (0) 22 02 / 2 85 77 - 0

Telefax: +49 (0) 22 02 / 2 85 77 - 28


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