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Ranking of the most innovative companies and brands

CAM evaluates the innovation strength of global automobile companies with 53 brands annually.* The innovative strength is determined systematically using quantitative and qualitative criteria based on vehicle technology innovations of the year. An innovation provides a significant additional customer benefit (methodological Notes). In 2014, 1,220 innovations of automobile manufacturers were included in the review. The german automotive manufacturers (group level) represented 37 percent of all innovations, followed by the japanese producers with 18 percent. Most innovative carmaker in 2014/2015: Volkswagen (group level) Most innovative carmaker in 2014/2015: Mercedes-Benz (brand level)
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Ranking most innovative carmaker (group)
Ranking most innovative carmaker (brand)
Innovation strength (group level)

*In addition, there are 23 brands with 14 smaller 

companies that are not included with the 

evaluation. They consist of 2 major groups : 

Chinese (volume) manufacturers as well as 

western niche manufacturers. You can find more 

information here.